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Office chairs | ATTIVA

The office chairs of the Italian manufacturer “Moving” are full of innovative solutions. Their ergonomics is based on the scientific researches, while the design remains in the memory for long time. The persons, who like innovations, should choose “Attiva” chairs. The form that gives the impression of lightness, elastic net especially comfortable for the back, and springs in the seat – these items make “Attiva” the example of coziness and elegance.
“Attiva” is a chair meant for a manager. The metal derails are chromium-plated, while the backrest is made from elastic terrycloth, and the innovative mechanism that does not allow the chair to vibrate, makes this chair the example of symbiosis of elegance and comfort. The chairs may be of two heights, they have leaning-regulating mechanisms and armrests of two types (fixed or of regulated height).
The chair’s characteristics will not disappoint: the special chromium-plated frame, elastic fabric for back and seat filled with polyurethane (with springs), support of regulated height for loins, soft backrest, armrests of regulated height, anti-shock mechanism, regulator of chair’s leaning, chromium-plated lifting mechanism of chair filled wit gas, and five rubber wheels.

Manufacturer: Moving