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It is an ergonomic regulated chair with the synchro mechanism. It is possible to regulate the seat and backrest – everything depends on the position of the sitting person. Besides, it is possible to regulate the depth of the seat – it reciprocates. Moreover, the chair’s height is also regulated: from 45 to 54 cm. The backrest’s height can be regulated even in fourteen positions in the amplitude of seven centimeters. The frame is the five-spoke star and it is of individual design – it was designed and created especially for this chair. All the metal parts are painted in the powder mode that is resistant to mechanical damages. The wheels may be chosen for hard and soft floorings. The chair is upholstered by various fabrics and leather. The armrests may be wooden, of various colors and matched with other furniture in the manager’s office. The seat and backrest are made from natural wood and have polyurethane filling, which form is specially designed for this chair. The chair satisfies the standard LT EN 1335.

Manufacturer: Gurda
Designer: Gediminas Juška