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When the graceful design is combined with up-to-date technologies, the result can be nothing else but the exclusive chair “Forma”. This revolutionary solution of the company “Moving” reached after many researches guarantees the uniqueness of the chair’s mechanism. You will not find something like this in any other chair: the wonderful movement synchrony between the seat and backrest guarantees that the spine will not get tired. It is an excellent solution for those, who have to spend many hours sitting: besides, the chair’s form corrects the body’s position so that it will always remain correct. Moreover, if you sit on “Forma”, the legs’ position also becomes correct. The in-built mechanism reacts to the weight of the sitting person. Besides, the sliding mechanism allows changing the height of the chair even up to 6 cm and to adjust it to the length of the legs. It was for some purpose that this chair got the name of the “smart” chair – it adjusts to the forms of the sitting person.
“Forma”, as all the others products of “Moving”, is made from the materials of the highest quality and satisfies the standards ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001. It was awarded with prize of “Catas Quality Award”, which means that this product is recognized as ergonomic, safe and durable.
The manufacturer of this chair – “Moving” – is the first Italian manufacturer of chairs that has received the prestigious award “Catas Quality” for the ergonomics, durability and safety of chairs. It is an impressive award that often determines the decisions of office interior designers while selecting furniture.

Manufacturer: Moving