• Office furniture | CITY
  • Office furniture | CITY
  • Office furniture | CITY
  • Office furniture | CITY
  • Office furniture | CITY
  • Office furniture | CITY
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Office furniture | CITY

IVM is the Italian company that has been successfully working for more than five decades. As it managed to assess the present needs and forecast the future ones, the company succeeded in taking the solid position in the international market of furniture.


IVM furniture series for managers “City’ would suit perfectly for the ones, who want to match elegance, quality and comfort in their office. The laminated cover of oak and exotic wood Wenge together with the metal frame of thick cross-section provide exclusivity for this furniture. It is possible to choose between the rectangular or curvy-form table covers. The working desks are arranged with the additional tables, which may be attached or pushed forwards. These elements allow adapting the work place to individual needs.


The aluminum details used for the document cabinets create an elegant and innovative style at the same time. The part of the company’s representative zone is not less important – the meeting and conference rooms. The “City” series may offer a wide range of conference tables of different forms and sizes.


The distinctive feature of the series is wall plates, to which the glass or wooden shelves may be fastened. It is a functional decision not only for the creation of distinctive image of the office, but also for saving the space.

Manufacturer: IVM
Designer: Studio IVM