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Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings from OFFI are the best choice for the reception or resting room in your office.

Offi salon offers soft furnishings made only by the most famous world manufacturers and designers. You may find here the soft furnishings for your reception, conference halls and rest places.

Our soft furnishings are distinguished by especially high quality, usual and modern design.

Soft furnishings for managers

We offer the soft furnishings of the exclusive design and the highest quality for the manager’s office. Even the pickiest manager would find, how to cheer himself up. We suggest the line of soft furnishings “Boss” for the ones, who search for exceptional elegance. And maybe you would like to have an office of minimalist style? Then the soft furnishings “Coupe” would suit you perfectly.

Soft furnishings for reception

Would you like to have the office’s guests to feel especially comfortably while waiting for an important meeting? Then we suggest arranging the reception with the soft furnishings of exclusive style and innovative design. The line of soft furnishings “Logo” will turn your reception in the especially expressive and cozy area, while the soft furnishings “Shell” may provide playfulness.

Soft furnishings for rest

In order to avoid getting tired during important meetings, turn them into pleasant encounter sitting on the exclusive chairs “Centrum”, which are internationally recognized. And maybe you like informal coffee-klatches? Then the soft furnishings “Coffice” are meant especially for you!