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Office furniture from OFFI – your best choice

The office furniture carrying the trademark OFFI offers the Lithuanian market to choose from the well-known European manufacturers: Sokoa (France)Wilkhahn (Germany)Materia (Sweden)Alea (Italy)Archiutti (Italy)SitLand (Italy)Bene (Austria)Gurda (Lithuania) and to select the illumination systems for public premises: Vesoi.

The distinctive feature of OFFI in the Lithuanian market of office furniture and office chairs is practical adjustment of office zoning and financial substantiation of each decision.


The zoning philosophy takes into account organizational structure of each company and fulfills its needs precisely. In such a way the zoning philosophy helps to save money for the arrangement of office as the investments are very purposeful, and the office furniture is selected according to the needs. Besides, hereby the correct interaction of zones is created and the productive work of the office is secured.


The Lithuanian market of office furniture still lacks the financial substantiation of the office arrangement. The office furniture is bought without any regard to its ergonomics and application. OFFI is ready to assess the depreciation, to learn the leasing possibilities, and to present the arguments, how many resources have to be attributed to the arrangement of each work place.


OFFI is the fusion of English words “Office”, “Furniture”, and “Interior” (Lit. biuras, baldai, interjeras).