Manufacturer | SitLand


The Italian manufacturer of office chairs “Sitland” has been famous since 1977 when it opened the first factory.
The company is making the chairs of very high quality, which can be adapted to any situation, and where the classical features are in real harmony with innovative solutions.
The Italian manufacturers of office furniture have achieved recognition for their expressive design and undoubtedly high quality. “Sitland” is not an exception. The chairs of this company have achieved international recognition. The persons, who choose “Sitland”, appreciate the magnificent design and faultless quality of this manufacturer, which are reflected even in the tiniest elements of furniture.
“Sitland” have received numerous awards of Italian and international fairs (“Signed Design Award 2002”, “Compasso d’Oro 2004”, “Politecnico di Milano”), among them, “Red Dot” of distinctive value.