Manufacturer | Wilkhahn


Wilkhahn was nurtured as a personality. “We are proud about our past; we want to project the future so that later it was possible to look back to it proudly as to the past.” The philosophy of Wilkhahn activity is to see the things in perspective and to preserve the demanding character.

Wilkhahn has never trusted the ideas in their pure form: whoever is the designer creating furniture and interior, he is also creating own environment and human relations. The esthetical aspect has always been an ethical dimension. The company has been persistently searching for new ways in the design area for many years and working as an honest and responsible partner.

Achievements. Wilkhahn has created a wide and solid network of design manufacturers. It unites people with the same attitude to design and high requirements for the products’ quality.

The Wilkhahn products have won more than 20 international awards.

Products: ALINE / GRAPHON darbuotojams / ON vadovams / SOLIS FSTITZ