• Office chairs for managers | ON
  • Office chairs for managers | ON
  • Office chairs for managers | ON
  • Office chairs for managers | ON
  • Office chairs for managers | ON
  • Office chairs for managers | ON
  • Office chairs for managers | ON
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Office chairs for managers | ON

New sense of freedom.
After five of intensive work the Wilkhahn team presents the chair ON. This is the product that sets free not only the body, but also the mind. The sitting has to inspire and not to tire!

The Wilkhahn specialists wanted to make a chair that would allow moving freely and feeling well. Our bodies naturally feel what is the best for them – all we need to do is to provide them with the possibility to prove this. The experts of health care and ergonomics state unanimously that the freedom of movement is particularly important.

This chair has the built-in original Flexframe® three-dimension synchro mechanism consisting of the flexible frame and links enabling the three-dimension movement. Two separate plates are built in the seat, and they move by the same principle as our thighs. The three-dimension movement secures the freedom of movements and protects from fatigue. The position of hip and knee joints and center of body weight preserve the optimal balance – regardless the position, in which you sit or move. The Fiberflex cover is used for ON chairs and it is elastic, breathing and adjusts to any position of the back as the second skin.

The chair’s design is quiet, spacious and attractive. It expresses the sense of freedom, trust, value and comfort at the same time.
It is possible to choose from three types of backrests in the ON series of chairs – standard, raised and raised with headrest. The armrests are regulated in three directions and may be standard, with softening substance or covered by leather. The metal color of chairs can be combined with the frame furniture and to choose the mat metal or chromium materials. The soft part may be covered by Fiberflex, fabric or leather.

In 2009 the chair ON won the prestigious award “iF Product Design Award 2009” in Hanover, and in 2010 this product of Wilkhahn received even 6 international prizes.

Manufacturer: Wilkhahn