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  • Office chairs for managers | SEDNA
  • Office chairs for managers | SEDNA

Office chairs for managers | SEDNA

The chair “Sedna” is more just a new style. The exceptional and never experienced pleasure of sitting will overwhelm the user, while the modern, never aging design will make big impression for the guests visiting the office, and its owner will be perceived as a modern person, who knows how to provide festivity and gracefulness in the working environment.
“Sedna” is the product of high quality. The luxurious materials are combined with the qualitative and functional mechanisms, which do not turn even the long sitting into suffering, plus long work hours will not affect the work efficiency.
The “Sedna” chairs suit perfectly even for 95 percent of male and female shapes. In order to sit comfortably in this chair, it is necessary to set only several parameters, which is not difficult to do. Besides, in order to make the usage even simple, the special case of each chair has the built-in optic disc containing the instructions, how to adjust the chair for own needs. Thus the user is introduced to all the functions of the chair in attractive and convenient mode – already when he sits by the computer, in his work place.
It is evident that “Sedna” was created in such a way to satisfy even the most vagarious user and the expectations of different companies. All these things were possible because of the ergonomic solutions researched by the “Sokoa” engineers.

Manufacturer: Gurda
Designer: Jean Louis Iratzoki