Office zoning

OFFI zoning philosophy
Divide general office area into the zones, according to the functions performed by the persons, particularity of their work and distribution of information, and you will notice how the atmosphere in your office changes.

The modern office is a separate philosophy that is meant to combine the organization’s objectives, individual needs of employees, and ideas of architects and designers.

The office designing can serve as an excellent tool to express the organization’s uniqueness. Therefore it is important to find such harmony of space, light, colors, furniture and accessories that would convey the spirit of the organization. In some cases it will be bright and inspiring, inducing the desire to create, whereas in other cases it will be mature and patronizing, and allowing to feel safe.

It is important to perceive the office as a united totality and not as a set of single zones. The properly arranged office can regulate the information flows, facilitate the communication between different departments of organization, and provide possibility for more effective individual and team work.

The area divided into zones should be filled with functional, comfortable and esthetical furniture. Although sometimes the companies’ managers like to make experiments themselves while arranging the office, still only the professionals may plan the office spaces purposefully.

OFFI that offers zoning services assesses the needs, envisages representative and work places, and recommends the solutions. Besides, the design of the furniture of the foreign and Lithuanian manufacturers suggested by OFFI is modern, functional, ergonomic and esthetical. In such a way the spaces are provided with exclusivity, while the company’s employees get better work quality and sense of significance.