Director’s work place

The office of the company’s manager consists of three work places: personal and places meant for formal and informal communication.

The personal work place of the manager – usually containing a chair, a table and a cabinet – is not enough. Each manager should have a place to receive the visitors. For this purpose the conference table with comfortable chairs would suit perfectly. It is also recommended to arrange the place for informal communication in the manager’s office as it will help to reduce the tension caused by work load or negotiations.

It is an often case that the manager of bigger company also has a conference hall meant to receive bigger number of guests or simply to avoid receiving them in the office. It is an ideal place for official meetings as the company’s manager is not always ready to receive the guests in his office.

The conference hall is an excellent place to present the company’s image or achievements: it is meaningful to exhibit awards and diplomas here.

We recommend the following for the managers’ offices - Al-group („Bene“), Dedalus („Archiutii“), Directorio, Louis XV („GF design“), Eko („Archiutti“), Eracle („Alea“), Laguna, Paradigma elite („Gurda“).