Manufacturer | Archiutti


Archiutti business origins reach the end of 1950s when still very young Tullio Archiutti started making metal coffee tables and chairs with the help of several congenials. The products suited export very well and soon it was started to send them to other European countries, e.g. Germany, Holland and Austria.

Since 1970s Archiutti has been specializing in the office area. He is continuously improving the supply, while the manufacture process is fully automated.

The present Archiutti products vary from luxurious wooden tables to modern work places, from arrangement of conference rooms to complex projects for banks and business corporations.

Archiutti guarantees the highest quality and the awarded certificate ISO 9005:2000 serves as the best proof of it.

Products: DEDALUS / EKO
Designers: Gianantonio Perin / Giorgio Topan