Manufacturer | Alea


ALEA is an Italian company that was established in 1972 and is a leading company in the area of designing of office furniture. The company’s mission is to help people to create an attractive and effective working environment.

Products. ALEA offers a wide range of products of high quality –from the manager’s furniture of high quality to the mobile and stylishly operating systems, from the wall equipment to the furniture for reception. The ALEA collections are characterized by finished style and innovative technological solutions; this furniture is especially appreciated by architects and designers. The company creates individually adopted solutions following special requirements and needs of the clients.

Achievements. ALEA believes that the harmonious industrial activity is favorable for environment, user and employee, thus it is attempted to have the ecological industrial activity and products. The products made by ALEA have small impact on environment; they are durable (this reduces production of waste) and suitable for recycling (in such a way the conversion of used materials is made easier).

Products: ERACLE
Designers: Mirto Antonel