Manufacturer | Materia


MATERIA was established in 1992. Its founders are architects Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow. The company is growing with certainty.

Materia about itself: “We experiment with childish energy and adolescent impatience and turn the established values upside down. Leave all the preconceptions.

We try to make the furniture we create to reflect and induce the dynamic processes in modern work places. We believe that we can do this while having fun.

First of all, we provide big freedom for our designers to experiment with ideas, functions and forms. Then we search for the mode to implement such ideas. We try that after our furniture reaches the user, it would preserve the spirit of creativity of the designer that has worked with it.”

Designers: Kersti Sandin, Lars BülowHenning EklundSimo HeikkiläKajsa Nordström / Carl ÖjerstamYrjö Wiherheimo