• Soft furnishings | OMNI
  • Soft furnishings | OMNI
  • Soft furnishings | OMNI
  • Soft furnishings | OMNI
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Soft furnishings | OMNI

The chairs “Omni” upholstered with leather are unique because they may turn around by 360 degrees while standing firmly in one place. This is due to the built-in articulated mechanism. The name of the chair itself means the multiple directions. When the designer Carlas Öjerstamas was projecting this chair, he imagined it as the center of the room. This chair immediately came to liking of the organizers of active conferences. The chair of modern and elegant, eye-appealing design is especially appreciated in the hotels and waiting rooms of offices. The comfort and exceptionality of “Omni” helped it to get the prize “Red Dot’ last year.
The Swedish company “Materia” provides freedom for the experiments of its designers with the ideas, functions and form. “Materia” attempts to make such furniture that would preserve the creative spirit of its designer after reaching the user.

Manufacturer: Materia
Designer: Carl Öjerstam