Work zone

Each office has personal spaces, where the employees are working alone. Usually the company has managing, creative and technical staff. Different products are selected for each group of these employees.

The managing staff of the company is a pushing part of the company, on which its welfare depends. Thus the furniture of managing staff should be related to progress and innovations. The innovative materials and innovative design solutions are used there.

The creative staff would feel better in the environment that is free – which would contain more colors and where the interior is not as strict as in the premises of managing staff. It has been proven that when red and green colors are introduced into interior, it is possible to change the work results substantially.

The technical staff usually performs a little routine work, thus a little more ordinary furniture would suit for their work places. When the work places are arranged, it is worth remembering that the manager has to be distinguished from other employees, but not overestimated, while the working efficiency will not change even if big investments are made into the furniture meant for him.

We offer the following for work zones - Mega, Paradigma, Y_System („Gurda“).