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Soft furnishings | COFFICE

BENE COFFICE. Piece of furniture
The new piece of furniture is the innovative product of BENE, which can be used as an armchair, sofa or bench. It is meant to sit down for rest, to wait or to converse. It may also be considered as a simply nice piece of furniture in general interior.
The elbows are adjusted for reading or writing. Facultative socket.

A meeting place for clients, visitors and employees. It suits for waiting room of any company, in the client servicing and communication premises. It suits perfectly for VIP lounge and in general waiting rooms – in airports, concert halls, banks, hotels, museums, etc.
Bene Coffice with additional technologies have the integrated screen controlled by touch (17” or 19” LCD display (horizontal or vertical).

Bene Coffice set consists of light chairs, sofas with or without elbows meant to sit for two or three people, the rotating sofa, stools and benches.
The sofas and benches may be delivered later additionally.

Manufacturer: Bene
Designer: Johaness Sherr