01/04/2012 News of "Furniture 2012"

01/04/2012 News of "Furniture 2012"

The development of information technologies allows learning the news faster and faster, induces the need for new products and services and starting to use them. The habits of users are rapidly changing in the modern society, thus the creativity of the employees surpasses the value of working tools and becomes the main engine of progress. The possibility to adjust the work place independently is the mode to stimulate innovations and not to get tired from monotony.



Supplement your knowledge, expand the horizons and surprise the colleagues!


Designer Linas Ulickas

He has been interested in architecture and design since childhood. In 2010 he completed the undergraduate studies of Architecture in Kaunas Art Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Art. At present he works as an architect in Kaunas and participates in the activity of Architectural Fund, as well as in other public activity.


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