• Office chairs | DREAM conf.
  • Office chairs | DREAM conf.

Office chairs | DREAM conf.

The chair “Dream” is the product of long researches. It is not just an ordinary chair, but the peculiar attitude of the designers Angelo Pinaffo and Paolo Scagnellato to the chair as something more than simply a piece of furniture. “Dream” is the harmony of comfort, welfare, functionality and design. Therefore this chair may be adapted in many places.
The entire range of colors – these chairs will be easily adjusted to the color of already present furniture or walls. It is possible to choose among leather, wooden or plastic chairs – depending on the company’s status or usage intensiveness of waiting zones. The chairs of the “Dream” version have comfortable armrests and collapsible tables for writing. Besides, special built-in links connect the chairs with each other. This feature allows leaving the conference hall in tidy lines even after long work hours.

Manufacturer: Gurda
Designers: Angelo Pinaffo, Paolo Scagnellato