• Office chairs | WAP
  • Office chairs | WAP
  • Office chairs | WAP
  • Office chairs | WAP
  • Office chairs | WAP
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Office chairs | WAP

The contemporary and modern “Wap” chair has raised the concept of multi-functional office perception to the new level. The “Wap” rich in its variations opens new possibilities for self-expression. It is possible to select the plastic backrests from three colors – black, grey or white. The people, who like natural wood, may choose beech or Italian cherry (Wenge). Additionally, we offer the frame’s finishing of two colors and 120 different materials for seats. All these materials may be interchanged.
The “Wap” chairs are made in such a way that it was possible to put them one onto another, and this is comfortable when the space is reformed or the chairs are transported.
Besides, it is possible to order the bench version of “Wap”: of two or five places, which may be put into the ser with the table or without it (as needed), with armrests or without them. The backrests of benches may be also wooden, polypropylene or with upholstery.
The tables meant for putting the documents or beverages may also be fastened to the armrests. The tables may be arranged at both – right or left – armrest.
The persons, who like warmth emitted by wood, will appreciate the chairs with natural beech or Wenge backrests and wooden armrests; the table covers of benches are also made from natural wood.

Manufacturer: Gurda
Designer: Jean Louis Iratzoki